Michael Roberts

True Friends Matter

I have a couple friends that live in other cities, friends that have moved away, or that I have moved away from. Geographical movement not emotional movement. The neat thing about our friendship is that even though they live far away I still feel the connection as if we were in the same town, or even right down the street. When you get close enough to a friend that they can finish your sentences, or get the punch line of your jokes before you even get it past your lips there is a bond formed.

That bond is forever.

It is not something that will be broken, even if you move. It is not something that is easily forgotten, even if you get more forgetful. That friendship has a lasting impact on your life. I don’t think it changes you as a person, but I do think it changes how your life turns out.

One of my room mates from college keeps popping into my head. He still lives in the town we lived in together while attending university. Now instead of living with me he lives with his amazing wife, and they have formed a life together, starting their careers, and hopefully starting a family soon (wink wink). There is something about him, a lasting impression, that keeps me thinking about life, and all the great memories we had together.

As I get older I try to think about what is important in life. Truly important.

One thing is clear to me, true friends matter.

Do you have a true friend that lives far away? Do you have a person that keeps popping into your mind even though you rarely see them or talk to them? I would love to hear about them.

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