Michael Roberts

Travis Read Private Session

During a recent trip to Orlando I stayed with one of my old college roommates Travis and his lovely wife Andrea. I say “old college roommate” like I graduated 20 years ago, so much has happened since graduation. It feels like a long time. You might remember me mentioning him in a post I made in Sicily, “For my friend Travis“, when I spotted a boat from St. Petersburg, Florida where he grew up. It has been a little over a year since I graduated, and about a year and a half since Travis and Andrea tied the knot. Since graduation I haven’t been to Orlando much and this trip was a nice chance to catch up. I bring a plethora of camera equipment everywhere I go and Travis is a talented musician, I asked him to do a little private session for me. He pulled out his mixer board and microphone, effectively turning his living room into a recording studio and this is what transpired.

Thanks Travis and Andrea for the wonderful hospitality.


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