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Meanwhile in Antonio Suarez


I had the please of meeting back up with my friend Andres from the Monegros festival. He let me stay at his apartment the last two days I was in Spain before I flew home. THANKS AGAIN ANDRES! His metro stop is “Antonio Suarez” which is right on the other side of the roundabout so I thought that would be an appropriate name for the picture. You can also see the Madrid skyline in the background. Enjoy.

Back in the U.S.A!


My European travel adventures are officially over. I landed in Atlanta on October 7th and was very happy to be home but very sad that my travels had come to an end.

Getting through international customs and security was way easier than I expected. A look at my passport, couple questions about how long I had been gone, and what I was doing overseas, then, “Welcome home”. My bag was lost for a couple hours along with 20 other bags but they found them. I had PLENTY of time before my flight from Atlanta to Jacksonville. I picked the 8 hour layover exactly for circumstances such as this. Things never go as planned and I have learned that sitting on your rear for a couple hours can save a lot of running to try and catch a flight, train, or bus.

It is weird to be home. I feel as if my life was on pause for two and a half months. Turned my Blackberry back on and had a couple messages but nothing pertinent. The moment I re-entered the States it was like the play button was pressed and everything resumed just how it was before I left. If I didn’t have 450 pages of journal entries and 5000 pictures my entire trip could have all been a dream.

I have been sorting through the pictures and sending them to people I met along the way but have been neglecting my site. The site is on the top of my priority list, or close to the top I should say. Also looking for employment at the moment, rebuildingmy motor (again), traveling to Miami for a marketing conference, starting my homebrew operation back up, continuing to journal, selling my assets off to simplify my life and increase the cash on my balance sheet, staying healthy with cycling, writing beer reviews, traveling with Attack Motorsports to races, doing video and photography work for friends, and practicing Spanish. It is a crazy life but I love it.

Thanks again for everybody that followed along on the site during my trip. There will still be updates from the trip trickling on here over the next couple days and weeks so keep checking it.  I am also considing the possibility of launching a Facebook. You heard it first here.

Here is a picture of Atlanta from the flight back from Madrid Spain.


Michael Roberts

Dolphins, not at SeaWorld


Took these pictures just off the coast of Spain, 10 miles from Almerimar. I was reading in the cockpit, heard a splash, looked over to see flipper swimming along side of the boat.

It was incredible. One of those moments were you pinch yourself to make sure it is not a dream. They swam with the boat for 20 minutes and I had enough time to grab the camera and snap some pictures. Watching them jumping through waves, gliding through the water, and dancing with the boat made their motions appear choreographed.  I stood on the bow of the boat, holding the stay (wire supporting the mast), with my harness clipped on the entire time. Even though I was so securely attached to the boat I felt as if I was flying over them. The boat and the dolphins were moving together.



No more sailing


We made it to Almerimar Spain which is the final destination for the boat. The boat is ready to leave,  securely tied up at the marina.

The town of Amerimar is full of British. Everybody speaks English and many of the shop owners are Brits as well. I have enjoyed the couple days we have spent here. The food is not too expensive and the people are friendly.

No more big waves, no more rough seas, no more long nights, but no more sailing either. I really enjoyed every minute of the time on the water. I have a lot of respect for the sea now and want to return sometime in my life and do another trip like this. Thanks for following my travels. I will continue to update the site as the adventure happens. There is still a lot to catch up on as well.


Michael Roberts


Meanwhile in Ibiza


I took this picture when I was typing the last post two days ago. Enjoy, I definitely am.

Ibiza, big boats, big money.

We took another detour on our journey to Almeria. There is a weather system moving through tonight and we wanted to be in a harbor out of the wind when it comes through. We are in an anchorage on the island of Ibiza which is said to have the best clubs in the entire world. Many of the premiere DJ’s call it home. Unforfortunately I wont be able to get to any on this trip… next time. It is also one of the yachting capitals of the Med and I did have a chance to see some big boats. We pulleed into this marina to get gas and the boats were big and the slips were pricey. As soon as we got fueled up we moved to an anchorage which costs nothing.


A day in Cagliari, Sardinia.


In my post “7 days as sea” I said I would be sailing straight from Sciacca to Almeria Spain. A sea water leak in the engines coolant system persuaded us to make a little detour into Calgiari Sardinia to take a better look at the leak. It was not critical for the engine or for flooding the boat but we were not sure what caused it. Better safe than sorry. We pulled into the harbor right as the sun was rising.  It had been almost 48hrs at sea when I took the sunrise photo.

The sunset was that same night walking back from dinner. The start and finish of my day in Calgiari.

Port Malfanato

The 13th of September we struggled with the wind all afternoon. Blowing 30 knots straight on our nose. We found an anchorage called Malfanato that was 10 miles from where we were when we decided we wanted to get out of the wind. We arrived just as the sun was setting and the anchorage is surrounded by steep rocky slopes. Absolutely breathtaking. One of those pinch yourself to make sure you are not dreaming moments. When we get to Spain and I have more time on the computer I will put more pictures up. I didnt get any pictures of the heavy seas. The waves were spraying us with salt water and I kept the camera safely below in a plastic bag the entire day.


Michael Roberts

Sciacca Beach, Sicily

I have been spending a lot of time doing everyday things during my trip. Cleaning, grocery shopping, locating the post office, or a place to eat. I have only been in the water once and have only been to the beach once. When I was in Sciacca I decided I should go to the beach while I was on the beautiful island of Sicily with beautiful beaches. Brought the camera with me and took these pictures. There was a moment where I was trying to get around a point and waded almost waist deep through the water holding my camera over my head.

This day was perfect. It was great to clear my mind and enjoy the scenery.

There is also a picture of the marina we stayed at. The town of Sciacca is on a steep hill and I took this picture from the top. I have more to say about the hill, but am saving it for another post.


Michael Roberts

Porte Empedocle, Agrigento

The anchorage was really nice and well sheltered in Porte Empedocle just outsite of Agrigento. Cruise ship, power plant, commercial dock, and the town. The actual city of Agrigento was up the hill a couple miles.

If I could connect these pictures they would almost form a panoramic. The cruise ship was on the far right. The power plant the far left, and the boats are between them.

In the morning they set off fireworks at 7am for a religious celebration.