Michael Roberts

60 Seconds with Attack

I put together this 60 second promo video from the race at Roebling Road Raceway. Cuddle up with a bag of popcorn and enjoy.

Michael Roberts

They call her Hammertime.

Here are a couple pictures of my car at the Green Cove Springs drift event put on by KMS. I had fun bringing the car out. It was the first time many in the community had seen it in years. Now the Hammertime paint is sanded off in preparation for paint but she still has the same soul. Last week I got her back from Damon who was working out some bugs on the freshly rebuilt “race motor”. It is nice to be a part of a racing team that has talent like Damon’s.

Damon Brock’s Engine Bay

I took this picture at the Green Cove Springs drift event put on by KMS. Plenty to drool over in this shot. I think it is the photographer but I am sure most people would say it is the subject. For those that do not know what is going on in this picture I will fill you in. This is a Nissan 240sx with a Corvette LS1 engine in it.

Attack Motorsports @ licensing school

When I co-founded Attack Motorsports two years ago I really had no idea what direction we were going to take. We just knew we had talent and passion and could do it better. The team has been bubbling along with passion fueling our race cars.

This is an exciting time for the team. We have had plenty of success in the Buccaneer Region autocross events and have been all over the southeast driving tracks and tuning cars. This weekend marked a cornerstone for the team. Damon Brock, one of the other founders of the team obtained his SCCA racing license this weekend. He can now compete in SCCA sanctioned Spec Miata races. We are going to our first race March 31st in West Palm Beach Florida.

The SCCA licensing school was intense to say the least. The event was 4 days long, with 6 hours of racing, only 2 team members, and 1 impressively reliable race car. A friend of ours was rear ended and blew his motor so we let him co-drive our car for the last two days of the weekend. It was go go go every minute of the day, driver swaps in the paddock, it felt like an endurance race. There were three rollovers during the weekend and luckily everybody was just fine. Two of the cars were able to finish the weekend after repairs from their teams. Our car ended the weekend unscathed. Everybody was very friendly, supportive, and inviting.

Attack Motorsports was able to put down the fastest lap in 3 of the timed sessions, and obtained the pole position for the race on Sunday. Unfortunately we had tire problems right before the race and had to put older worn out tires on the car to run the race but with Damon’s expert driving we still pulled off a third place finish.

Here is a video I shot and edited.

Michael Roberts

Travis Read Private Session

During a recent trip to Orlando I stayed with one of my old college roommates Travis and his lovely wife Andrea. I say “old college roommate” like I graduated 20 years ago, so much has happened since graduation. It feels like a long time. You might remember me mentioning him in a post I made in Sicily, “For my friend Travis“, when I spotted a boat from St. Petersburg, Florida where he grew up. It has been a little over a year since I graduated, and about a year and a half since Travis and Andrea tied the knot. Since graduation I haven’t been to Orlando much and this trip was a nice chance to catch up. I bring a plethora of camera equipment everywhere I go and Travis is a talented musician, I asked him to do a little private session for me. He pulled out his mixer board and microphone, effectively turning his living room into a recording studio and this is what transpired.

Thanks Travis and Andrea for the wonderful hospitality.


First cider of the year.

Snapped a picture of my bottling setup when I was doing my first cider of the year. The fermenter is on the counter, the bottling bucket on the toilet, and the sanitized bottles are in the bin on the floor. The bathroom is the best place to pull this off… it is clean… and easy to clean up any spills. The gallon jugs to the left are sanitizer.

Cider turned out great, dry and tart but with nice body. It still tastes young and is a little harsh around the edges but will mellow with age. I used brown sugar to increase the ABV to 9% and Montrachet wine yeast to make it nice and dry. Later this year I will use a lower attenuating yeast and see if I can make a sweeter fruitier cider.


URBAN:DECAY [Apalachicola]

Spent the day in Apalachicola with my wonderful girlfriend for their annual oyster festival. Took the opportunity to snap some pics.

Shawn Lightfoot in his studio

Shawn Lightfoot, a local Jacksonville musician invited me over to his studio to get shoot some video for him. I had recorded him and his band “The Brigade” playing at the Octoberfest event a couple weeks ago. He has the voice of an angel and I was more than delighted to point my camera and microphone at such a talented person.

Attack Motorsports – Nov 6th

Yesterday I posted some pictures of us arriving at Roebling Road Raceway. We collected tons of tire data and pbox data (gps based data acquisition).

I am really happy with the progression of the team in the last two years, the next two years are going to be intense. Hoping to get sprayed with plenty of Champagne. You can read more about Attack Motorsports at its site, attack-motorsports.com.


Attack Motorsports @ Roebling Road

Attack Motorsports is a racing team that my closest friends and I started 2 years ago to make something real out of our collective passion for motorsports and racing. We have all been racing since 16 but now we have a legitimate front for our “hobby”.

Damon Brock one of the three guys on the team recently finished building a Mazda Miata for Spec Miata racing which is a highly competitive class. It is also a series we know we can be competitive in. Next year will be our first season campaigning the car.

This weekend we took the car to our “home track” to do some testing, collect tire data, and alignment settings. It was a beautiful weekend. Little chilly in the morning but warmed up nicely through the day. The sun was shining the entire time. The car performed spectacular and Damon was able to run with some impressive cars and drivers… most of which he was able to chase down in the corners. Porsche Gt3 RS, Panoz, Corvettes…. I am sure they were not too happy with the little Miata passing them in the twisties.