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Attack Motorsports @ licensing school

When I co-founded Attack Motorsports two years ago I really had no idea what direction we were going to take. We just knew we had talent and passion and could do it better. The team has been bubbling along with passion fueling our race cars.

This is an exciting time for the team. We have had plenty of success in the Buccaneer Region autocross events and have been all over the southeast driving tracks and tuning cars. This weekend marked a cornerstone for the team. Damon Brock, one of the other founders of the team obtained his SCCA racing license this weekend. He can now compete in SCCA sanctioned Spec Miata races. We are going to our first race March 31st in West Palm Beach Florida.

The SCCA licensing school was intense to say the least. The event was 4 days long, with 6 hours of racing, only 2 team members, and 1 impressively reliable race car. A friend of ours was rear ended and blew his motor so we let him co-drive our car for the last two days of the weekend. It was go go go every minute of the day, driver swaps in the paddock, it felt like an endurance race. There were three rollovers during the weekend and luckily everybody was just fine. Two of the cars were able to finish the weekend after repairs from their teams. Our car ended the weekend unscathed. Everybody was very friendly, supportive, and inviting.

Attack Motorsports was able to put down the fastest lap in 3 of the timed sessions, and obtained the pole position for the race on Sunday. Unfortunately we had tire problems right before the race and had to put older worn out tires on the car to run the race but with Damon’s expert driving we still pulled off a third place finish.

Here is a video I shot and edited.

Michael Roberts

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